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We are dedicated to crafting a successful journey for every client and realtor we serve. With a focus on exclusive access to off market deals, we ensure our clients benefit from unparalleled choices, optimal unit selections, and competitive prices.
Our supportive team is built on the principles of continual education and growth. Whether you’re an experienced commercial realtor or making a transition within the industry, RAH Commercial provides comprehensive training to enhance your skills and expertise. We foster a community of empowered professionals ready to navigate the dynamic landscape of commercial real estate.

In the digital age, we recognize the influential role of social media. The dedicated social media team at RAH Commercial collaborates with every project we’re involved in, utilizing sophisticated targeting capabilities. This strategic approach enables us to reach ideal clients, driving relevant traffic to our realtors’ websites. We go above and beyond to help our agents maximize their marketing spend, resulting in a significant number of successful transactions.
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Jacob S. Kerzner is a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board, the Ontario Real Estate Association, the Canadian Real Estate Association and is a member in good standing with the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

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